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In her story, Echo is in FairyAbc, so her character is currently in use on With the new update, I’ve finally been able to design Echo so that she resembles how she was originally!


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Here’s to FairyAbc’s continued success!


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Fairy in a parasol


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A Look Back

I’ve had this blog since May 2012. Four years! In those four years, never once did I manage to post regularly (Either all at once, as demonstrated today, or with huge gaps). Despite this, over the past fours years I’ve grown and changed as a person, and I’d like to think my blog reflects that. As I returned to this blog after a year, I looked through some of my old posts and pictures. While some made me cringe in embarrassment (such as my pictures before I learned to screenshot…), some of my work I really like, and I’m just a sucker for nostalgia.

So, after producing a little bit of original content yesterday, here’s a salute to the old!

May 2012

The beginning of my blog, back when I was young and full of enthusiasm and energy *sigh*. I was inspired by Marigold’s blog, and had a lot of fun discovering my style by making mix and matches

Before I learned to screenshot, I used a camera!

May’s highlights included my feature on Marigold’s blog, which for me then was kind of like getting to meet my favorite celebrity. (Yes really!)

Marigold Mix and Match.png

June 2012

After trying my hand with fashion, I decided to use my blog as a political pixie blog, basically. In between campaigns and big ideas for change, I also started the Fashionable Fairies contest and met up with Rachel, who I was also a fan of, and we became friends.

July 2012

Basically nothing, because I moved 6000+ miles away to Israel! Too much RL excitement for there to be blog excitement…

August 2012

August brought Sunrise’s first birthday and the yearling badge! Hooray! Also, recovery from moving, so not much else.

Fast forward to July 2013

After close to a year, Sunrise returned from her turtle shell or wherever else she was hiding and poked her head out with a few fashion posts and some Camp Pixie Dust spirit!

Camp Challenge 3

Look at my beautiful seeds!

August 2013

A display of my non-member wardrobe that I had careful built from gifts, a diamond or two, seeds, codes, and creativity! Looking back on it, I’m actually very proud. I did a good job with what I had!

September-October 2013

The unthinkable: Pixie Hollow closed! I didn’t spend September posting, I spent it on Pixie Hollow as much as I could, screenshotting, creating outfits, spending time with friends, and protesting the close, of course. Afterwards, we all had to adapt our blogs, and I wrote Sunrise’s Adventure in the Mainland, my first original piece for the blog. Somehow, I still kept up the Fashionable Fairies! For more than a year!

March 2014

I came back in March to share some of the hundreds of screenshots I had taken in the last few days of Pixie Hollow, and stumbled upon Elsa’s dress! Light talent pride was also displayed.

(So many great pictures! I’ve included nine for now, for the rest click here)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

April-May 2014

LAFF took off, and I held another fashion contest, with old screenshots you submitted!

(Look how beautiful you guys are!)

June 2014

All was quiet on Sunrise’s blog, with just a few whispers to break the silence. (And my online scavenger hunt for my friend on my blog, which caused some minor confusion- sorry!)

July 2014

A review of Ethereal Spark’s “Pixie Hollow” on Worlize. I was really impressed! Still, that was my only post that month…

September 2014

Another story post, from Echo this time, that I continued yesterday!

April 2015

Sunrise came out of her turtle shell for a little bit in April to show my fairy collection. Still not sure if “books and crannies” was intentional or not.

July-August 2015

I shared a short story I had written (and even finished *gasp*), and was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!


And here we are now! Thank you for joining me on this journey. Before I end this post, I just want to compare one of my first posts with this one to compare the writing style:

From May 13, 2012:

“you may be suprised, but i am not taking advantage of the animal friend sale.

I don’t have ANY diamonds, and i can’t earn enough points in time. for anyone who has diamonds, please take advantage of this sale. it is a great investment.

my sister went on my account and spent 12-all-of my saved up diamonds- on worthless clothes for a fairy i forgot to delete. that was in what, november, and i’m still fuming

enjoy the sale while it lasts!

see ya, pixies!



Fly with you later,

Sunrise, Sunshine, and Echo




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FairyABC: part two

For part one, click here.

It had been almost two years since Echo had left FairyABC, the fairy preserve, and three since she was evicted from Pixie Hollow. Still, she had no permanent home. She hadn’t seen another fairy for more than a year. Now, after the banks of the pond she was living by had swelled and swept away her homemade hut (Luckily, she was collecting berries when the flood occurred and wasn’t harmed), she distantly remembered the lines at the refugee camp and wondered if things could’ve calmed down in two years. “Worth a shot”, she figured.

It didn’t take so long to get to the site of the preserve, but Echo almost flew past it, it looked so different! No more scattered refugee tents, now there were tall flowers planted  that almost covered the entrance to the willow tree. Echo knocked on the knothole door. No answer. After knocking again, louder, with no response, Echo cautiously opened the door. The hallway she remembered was empty, no security guards in sight. Echo flittered slowly into the big open room, that now split into several directions. Some were closed off, others led to other hallways. One desk in the middle of the room had various leaf scrolls scattered around, and Echo picked up the nearest one and began to read.

-To be continued-

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2015 Garden Tea Party

Marigold's Musings

The 2015 Events Committee proudly presents:


Please join us for the summer Garden Tea Party! This fairy-favorite event is focused on having a tea-riffic time with old and new pixie pals ❤

We know it’s back to school time for many of you students right now, but summer’s not over yet! We’re still celebrating the warm weather, glistening sunlight, dancing fireflies, crackling bonfires, sand castles, breezy dresses, beach-waved hair, and more with TONS of fun activities that we hope you’ll enjoy and participate in 😀

This event includes:

  • Iridessa’s Firefly Fun Game
  • NEW Fashion Fair Series with Worlize tie-ins
  • Summertime in Pixie Hollow
  • Chat with Fairy Friends

Note: To chat with fairy friends, please visit Crystal Airshine’s Blog and Minerva’s Blog. These chat boxes are available 24/7, so please stop by whenever you have a chance, because you never know who might be waiting there  😉


Iridessa’s Firefly Fun

Take advantage of the warm…

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I’ve been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

I’ve just been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Yay! (To be honest, I didn’t know this existed up until now, but yay anyway! So exciting to get nominated for an award!) Thank you so much Marigold, up until the end of your post, I totally did not expect this!

“Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award recognizes the unique voices of women bloggers around the world.”

I got this lovely nomination from Marigold Sunjewel, and you can check out her amazing blog here!

Now for more official stuff, like rules- I’ll do this checklist style:


1. Thank the person who has nominated you, linking back to their site  CHECK!
2. Put the award logo in your blog post CHECK!
3. Answer the 10 questions sent you  CHECK!
4. Nominate 10 bloggers and contact them to let them know they’ve been selected -I don’t really know that many bloggers, so this one’s going to need to wait a little bit- or a long bit- what happens if I can’t nominate anyone? Does my nomination get rescinded?
5. Make up 10 new questions for your nominees to answer -I’m going to wait on this one also…

3 out of 5 isn’t so bad, is it?

Answers to the questions I was asked:

1.  What made you decide to start blogging? I don’t think anyone in the pixie blogging community knows this, but I had a small diary-like blog in 2011 that I wrote in pretty regularly for a while. My mother had been blogging, and recommended it to me, and that’s really what got me started. After I started reading pixie blogs, I thought, “Hey, maybe I could do that”, so I gave I opened a new blog, this.
2.  Why is blogging important to you? Blogging is important to me because it’s really a great way to express my opinions in a very open and free way. There’s something very empowering in that. 
3.  What is your favorite blog post you have ever written? How can I pick just one? I think my favorite post because of the writing is the now finished Echo’s Guest Post: FairyAbc. My favorite post otherwise is How did I miss this?, from last year, with a runner-up being Light Talent pride, simply because it gives me a warm feeling every time I see it.
4.  What is your favorite blog post that someone else has written? I absolutely love Octavia’s posts from Love, Octavia, even though she hasn’t posted in a very long time- about three years. Still, if I have to pick one, I’d pick her Fashion Spotlight: Isabelle. I love reading Fashion Spotlights, and the added note about Isabelle knowing her blog! So fun.
5.  If you were to give a total newbie advice on successful blogging, what is the first thing you would say? Don’t be like me! Schedule time to regularly blog, and stick to it. It’s really the best way to stay motivated.
6.  If you had to pick only one adjective to describe yourself, what would you choose? Introverted/Slytherin. Although, does Sytherin count as an adjective? Either way, describes me. 
7.  What/who inspires you? I have a very special person that I look up to, and she inspires me.
8.  If you could turn back time, what would you have done differently while Pixie Hollow was still open? I would have spent more time there before the last month, despite my non-member status.
9.  What is your most favorite memory from Pixie Hollow (please be specific)? My favorite memory that I can remember now is my first meet-up with Rachel Clarion. I had never met in pixie (It’s not really in person, now is it?) with another blogger, and I was really excited. I think I posted about it… *goes rummaging through archives before pulling out link to post* Here it is! Back in my early days of blogging. I like to think I’ve improved since then 🙂
10. If Disney decides to reopen Pixie Hollow, what suggestions would you give them to make it even better? I would say, even more interactive. The more there is to do, the more I want to spend time there. 

Well, again, thanks for the nomination, I’m so honored!

-Sunrise Starbeam

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Not-So Rapunzel

So I’ve mostly stayed away from Disney as a whole on my blog, but in the spirit of trying to get myself to write more, I give you a not-quite classic princess story.

The king and queen of Belanthorus had a problem. They simply had no idea what to do with their newborn daughter. They already had one daughter, the Crown Princess Sienna, and Belanthorus was not a big kingdom, nor a wealthy one.  The last thing they needed was to pay a dowry to ensure the girl a proper marriage. What could be done? It was clear to see this baby was not the boy they were hoping for, to defend his sister’s honor and bring the family pride. They didn’t even know what to name the infant!

It was the queen who came up with a brilliant idea. It had been a few years since the story of Princess Rapunzel had become known. They would also put the child in a tower, and some brave prince would be guaranteed to rescue and marry her when the time came. It was the perfect solution- the girl would have a suitable husband, the kingdom wouldn’t have to pay a dowry, and the king and queen wouldn’t have to deal with an unnecessary child. While the royal pair was pleased with this arrangement, one little detail didn’t escape their attention: how to get their daughter kidnapped and hidden in a tower? After some pondering, it was again the queen who came up with the solution. She called upon her fairy godmother to appear before her. (Queens can do that, you know)

Once explanations were taken care of, the three were ready to start brainstorming. Just at that moment, the baby girl began to cry. With a sigh, her mother called for a servant to take her away and quiet her. When they had exited the room, the king, queen, and fairy set to work.

Some hours later, the plan was arranged. On her third birthday, the girl would be taken to a tower located in a clearing in a concealed forest on the border of the kingdom, built by the fairy godmother. The king and queen would act just as any concerned parents would when a daughter is kidnapped, including searches throughout the kingdom, but the young princess would never be found.

There was just one small issue that needed to be dealt with- what to name the girl. It couldn’t be some ordinary name, like Cassandra or Isabella. No, it had to be something unique- like Rapunzel. Something mysterious, to attract attention. The king suggested Lyric, and the queen proposed Thyme (not one of her better ideas). It was the godmother who offered the chosen name, Raven. It wasn’t perfect, but it would do. The girl would be Princess Raven.

And so life went on as usual for three years. The king was busy with ruling the kingdom, the queen was busy meddling with the lives of other people, especially Princess Sienna,  and the servants, among their other duties, were busy raising little Princess Raven.

It was late one night when they moved the girl. Using her magic, the fairy poofed the sleeping princess into her new tower. The godmother had worked hard on it, and was very proud of her creation. To be fair, it was quite the impressive tower. It was a tall tower, the lower half made of rough stone, the upper half of colorful crystal, with a window visible from one side. The interior was furnished suitably for a girl of her rank, without excessive trappings and no sign that the girl was a princess, with four floors filled with all manner of unusual items to hopefully keep the girl occupied for some time, and a pantry stocked with magical regenerating food- everything arranged so the girl could live by herself without requiring much supervision. Altogether, not a bad place for a girl to grow up in, the godmother thought.

The sleeping princess was arranged delicately in a canopy bed in her new tower, and the fairy poofed away. She’d check in on the girl later.

Raven grew up in her tower, a bright, curious child. She never met another human being, but learned the language of the birds and would greet them cheerfully every morning. Her godmother (as she knew the fairy) would visit about once a week to check in on her, and taught her to read a little bit from a hornbook. Other than that, she was alone, and was quite satisfied with that arrangement.

When she was ten, she met a little boy. His expression looked like that of one of the baby deer who separated from their mothers, and Raven assumed from that he was lost and scared. She called down to him, but because of the height he couldn’t hear what she said. He looked up at her, and just like that, he turned and left.

Later, when Raven asked her godmother if she could please just go down and find the boy, she just sighed dramatically and gave her an unreadable look. Raven took that as a no.

About two weeks later (she measured time by her godmother’s visits), the boy came back. This time, he was accompanied by a much taller person who looked a lot like him, with hair on his face. They both pointed at her, at the tower, at the woods around, and said things amongst themselves that she couldn’t make out, but Raven just stared. She tried calling to them like she had done with the boy. That didn’t work, as she expected. She tried her sparrow whistle, but for some strange reason, that didn’t seem to work either. Raven wondered why, but it wasn’t the topic at hand. She carefully filed it away for a less exciting time. When she brought her attention back to the ground where the two people were, they were gone, as if they never were there. A small voice in Raven’s mind told her that she had just imagined it, and she decided not to tell her godmother.

A few more visits from her godmother. Raven didn’t pay much attention to these visits, her mind was down on the unreachable ground. Perhaps fortunately for her, the fairy never paid too much attention to the girl during her visits, just general chatter and making sure the child seemed healthy enough, and her distraction escaped her notice. And distracted she was! Every morning, Raven would peer out the window, hoping to see the boy. Every morning, she would draw back, disappointed, until one morning….

When Raven checked her window that one particular morning, she almost fainted. She had seen a total of two humans. Here were- were too many to even count! Big ones, little ones, girls and boys, in all shapes and colors! They were sitting on big sheets spread out on the ground, with food on them, and on or around carts on wheels, and on the carts were strange sets of two poles with sideways sticks stuck between them. She could see children running around in the green stuff the deer and rabbits ate. How had they come here? Only the boy and the person who came with him had ever come to her tower in all the time she was there. What were they doing? Even at the height of the tower, the noise was starting to hurt Raven’s head. A lot.

Some of the big, tall boys, some with hair on their faces, took the funny poles and a thick ball of string and carried them up to the tower. Raven was scared, but couldn’t bring herself to move away from the window and not know what was going on. They put one set of poles up against the tower wall. It reached about halfway up. She could hear them making noises of some emotion, but didn’t know what. With a sudden motion, they knocked the poles down to the ground, and attached them to another set using the string. They lifted the combined poles up against the tower, and made different sounding cries this time. One took the string and began to slowly but steadily climb up. All eyes were on him, Raven’s included. Once, he slipped, and there was a sharp intake of breath, before a relieved sigh when he regained his balance. Everyone was relieved that he managed to hold on and steady himself. Raven could tell because she felt the same way. She knew she should be terrified, a stranger trying to enter her tower, but it was exciting, and while part of her was, she somehow knew she wanted him to succeed.

In the end, he made it up to the top of the tower. He tied the string tight on an outcropping rock, and entered the tower. No one had ever done, that, not even her godmother. She had always just poofed in. He looked at her. She looked right back, trying to hide her fear. He asked her questions: Her name, how old she was, why she was in the tower, how long she had been there, who else was in there with her. Some she knew the answers to, but most she did not.

The person frowned. He asked Raven if she wanted to leave. She misunderstood- she didn’t know he meant to leave forever, she still just wanted to go and look for the boy she saw. So she replied that of course she wanted to leave! That seemed to be the answer he was looking for. He took her sheet of her bed and told her to sit in the middle. Raven was confused, but she did as she was told. He lifted the corners of the sheet around her, and then she couldn’t see.

She could feel herself being lifted very high up, and then slowly, shakily falling down. Raven was very, very scared, to say the least. Finally, an eternity later, she landed. It didn’t hurt like she expected, but it wasn’t very comfortable. Moments later there was a flood of light and Raven could see again. The noise was deafening down on the ground, because she could tell now that was where she was. The people were so big down there! Most towered over her, clucking like birds. That, she was very familiar with. She clucked a greeting in return, but the big people just looked worried and surprised, and began muttering amongst themselves. Raven tried to make out what they were saying, but the noises were too much. To Raven, it was all a big blur. When she looked back at the tower, she saw the oddest sight. Four big people were holding a stretched out sheet, and the person who climbed up was still in the tower was throwing things one by one onto the sheet below. Her things! When she rushed over, she was stopped from getting too close, and told to sit in the “wagon” where her things would be taken to. She figured that was one of the wheeled carts, and found the one described. There was a pair of big people already there, a boy and a girl.

A short while after she got settled in the wagon, all of a sudden it moved! Raven saw in front of her two large brown animals. They appeared to be pulling the cart! The world became a fast-moving blur whizzing past her, a mess of strange colors and sounds. Raven had never imagined ever going this fast! It was incredible, but somehow the two people sitting next to her seemed quite calm. Couldn’t they see how exciting this was?
As time went on, she realised that one can get used to many strange things very quickly. And indeed she did. Raven was taken by the group of people to their village, where she was cared for and given a second name: Raven Townsdaughter. Everyone saw it as their responsibility to care for the little girl, and with time compensated with love and attention for all the years of neglect and solitude. She learned how to milk a cow, catch a ball, knead bread, and even how to talk to people. She flourished in the little village, beloved by all, and eventually married the baker’s son, a kind young man she loved. With her ability to read and skill with children, she became the teacher of the village. She never did discover that she was a princess, but she had a good happy life all the same- and one day, about ten years after her rescue from the tower, Raven stood by her husband, her new baby in her arms. They were watching the royal procession pass through the streets. Through the crowd, she could see King Percival and Queen Sienna passing in a golden carriage. For the life of her, she couldn’t figure out why the queen looked so very familiar.

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